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Fragrances & Oils

Acai Berry- Blend of Acui Berries and Lemon and Strawberry accent with Rose

Aqua Blu - Rose, Lily with hints of Orange, Lime an Ozone

Baby Powder - Classic essence of Baby Powder very soft and sweet

Beautiful - Orchid, Jasmine, Rose and Musk  Compare to Estee Lauders Beautiful

Whispers - Bouquet of Jasmine, Bamboo, Cedar, Apple, Bluebells, White Rose, Cedarwood, Amber and Musk. Compare to Dolce Gabbana Light Blue.

Cloud 9 - Wild Jasmine, Patchouli, Musk, Brown Sugar an Vanilla

Cool Water - Blend of marine with cooling Mint contrasting with rich Cedar wood, Musk an Vanilla (Mens)

Day at the Beach - Warm sand an sea spray mixed with Jasmine an Mandorane 

Fierce -  Abercombie & Fitch ( Mens)

Gardenia -  Gorgeous notes of White Gardenias with petals of Ylang and Lilly. The perfect blend of garden beauties.

Heaven Scent - Lilly of the Valley, Wild Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit an Sandalwood

Hyacinth - Gorgeously complex fragrance Hyacinth Flowers . So soft 

Island Nectar - Passion fruit, blooming Jasmine with sugared citrus and exotic floral

Island Fruit- Tropical and citrus blend of Pineapple, Grapefruit and Orange

Lavender - True aroma of Lavender fresh and calming

Lemon - Bright sunny aroma of freshly squeezed Lemon

Lime - Crisp citrus zing of freshly sliced Limes

Love Spell - Orange, Peach and Cherry Blossom and White Jasmine

Moroccan Blu - Black Amber, Clove, Nutmeg and Musk 

Mango Peach - Sweet blend of ripe mango, soft peach currants

Pink Grapefruit - Fresh Pink Grapefruit with sweet Valencia orange and mouth watering Clementine   

 Orange - Aroma of sweet an sunny fresh peeled Oranges

Peppermint - Cool minty aroma of fresh Peppermint leaves. Aroma Therapy

Spearmint - Cool Minty fresh and green herbal aroma. Aroma Therapy

Vanilla Swirl - Vanilla swirled with rich White Chocolate

Wild Peach Poppies - Peach accented with sheer Magnolia an sugared Musk